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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  October 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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and campaigning in new hampshire within the next hour. this as donald trump denies a slip in the polls as his campaign manager makes a striking admission. >> we are behind. she has some advantages like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of september. she has former president who happens to be her husband campaigning for her. current president, first lady all much more popular than she can hope to be. she is seen as the incumbent. >> kelly ann conway implying that donald trump has no bench to back him up. we have the on trump's seeming lae ly go it alone strategy. and hackers, tens of millions of homes disrupted in wave after wave of cybering attacks. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. just 15 days until election day.
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here is the state of the presidential race right now. hillary clinton has expanded her lead to 12 points nationally according to the latest abc news tracking poll. in person early voting is also underway this morning in six separate states among them parts of the critical state of florida. also colorado and texas. real clear politics calling texas if you can believe this a toss up state changing its designation. a new cbs poll shows hillary clinton is behind just three points in the lone star state within the margin of error. the same poll shows secretary clinton with a three point lead in florida. also within the margin of error. donald trump will hold two rallies today in florida in st. augustine and tampa. in the next hour secretary clinton teams up with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren in a rally. the big headlines a confident
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secretary clinton now seeking to turn the senate and house democratic saying she is no longer now focussed on donald trump and responding to his comments about her. she will be getting more high powered help from vice president joe biden and for the first time first lady michelle obama will join hillary clinton on the campaign trail together. that is happening thursday in north carolina. nbc's kasie hunt joins us live where the clinton rally with senator warren will get underway soon. when you watch the weekend shows, the sunday shows hear surrogate after surrogate, big name after big name with hillary clinton campaigning with her, a striking difference to the trump campaign. >> reporter: it is a brisk fall day here in new hampshire which has been one of the top swing state targets for the clinton campaign all the way along.
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she will be here with elizabeth warren who is one of the top advocates. bernie sanders won here in new hampshire by a big margin and having elizabeth warren will help her speak to some of those voters. but i have to tell you i really think the story of the clinton campaign right now is a level of unprecedented confidence that is giving hillary clinton personal confidence, as well. she talked to reporters on saturday night with tim kaine her running mate. they campaigned together for the first time since labor day. and the focus was really all about these down ballot races. she was going after republican senators for the first time. she had pat toomey in pennsylvania campaigning on behalf of deborah ross in north carolina yesterday and the mood both among the campaign staffers on the plane and it seemed hillary clinton herself very upbeat, very jovial and has the
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feel of the campaign that believes that it is winning. i think all of the numbers back that up. the focus on trying to help these down ballot candidates part of it is there is pressure from these candidates who obviously want to win in november and feel like hillary clinton is in such a good spot that she should have time to help out other democrats. it is also about how she might govern if she is elected president in november having a democratic senate would make a huge difference. think things like supreme court picks. it is almost starting to -- we are almost starting to have a discussion about the house, as well. republicans increasingly raising alarms about whether or not republican margin can shrink. >> we are talking about the confidence from the clinton campaign. it was just over the weekend yesterday charlotte, north carolina making a push for republicans to come into her fold.
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here is what she said. >> some of you know people who are going to vote for trump or considering voting for trump. and look i want them to know just like i want you to know i want to be the president for every american. >> clearly they are making the push for republicans to come into the fold. are you seeing at least a change in some of the people attending these rallies? >> reporter: well, tamron, i think that one of the focuses here for the clinton campaign in the final days is going to be to try to get as many high profile republicans as possible to come publically into the fold. i think the question is whether or not that is actually going to happen. i think that there is a increasing sense of confidence on both sides that she is headed for a win here and so
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republicans like lindsey graham for example or others who think that donald trump really would not be a good president of the united states are probably going to feel less pressure to endorse her because she is less in need of help right now. >> kasie hunt recollect thank you so much. now to the headlines. trump taking to twitter this morning and claiming, quote, the dems are making up phony polls. his daughter-in-law also saying this morning, quote, we've got stuff up our sleeves. and trump now has his first major newspaper endorsement from the las vegas journal review but the paper is owned by republican mega donor sheldon addleson. kelly odonled is covering the trump campaign this morning. you have eric trump's wife saying there are tricks up their sleeves. do we know more? >> the family has always been among the closest advisers to donald trump and very much a part of the inner circle of the decision making. that is a tantalizing tweet to
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give us idea that the trump team is not ready to sort of say this is over. they are going to fight. of course, in donald trump's style sort of chastising democrats for allegedly making up polls, there is no basis for that. it is the kind of thing that pokes the conversation, gets his donors, his supporters and his critics all fired up from different points of view. with respect to that very first newspaper endorsement that is a striking thing in and of itself to have a republican candidate this late in the game. we are talking about a first endorsement. it is interesting in reviewing the endorsement it acknowledges many flaws of donald trump, his lack of humility, his inability to take on critics where he has this thin skin quality. urging him to be a bit more aware of the things. it also talks about him as a disrupter to the privileged and the kind of change he would represent is not purely idea
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logical. it is almost more of an acknowledgment of the kind of force that has propelled donald trump more than the man himself and also suggesting that hillary clinton would be sort of another barack obama term. that has been a common argument for republicans. so a first endorsement is notable but also filled with some critique of donald trump and that again is unusual. >> quickly here going to the critique here he is in gettysburg talking about suing women who made allegations. let me play what he said. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened, never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> so kelly despite his speech,
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the target of it being his first 100 days if elected that was the headline. appeared no one in the campaign knew he was going to go that route and that is what the paper that endorsed him criticized him for. >> the inability to stay on message and focus on issues that many people likely to vote for him would prefer he remain. this side of donald trump which has always been a part of the business man poured out the inability to take criticism with allegations raised by nearly a dozen women now. and the easiest way for him to back that is to throw down the potential of a lawsuit. you heard the cheer from supporters there. hard to imagine that we will see that lawsuit. perhaps he will take that on. of course, that would open up a whole other can of worms in litigation. it is the kind of sort of reflexive stab that he makes trying to shake things up. it many times under mines the focus that those around him would like to see him bring
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especially two weeks out. >> thank you. hillary clinton went to north carolina yesterday to make her pitch to voters. she has two-point average advantage. five women known as mothers of the movement stood by her side by side all bound by the grief of losing a child to gun violence or encounters with police. they say not voting is a vote for donald trump. >> and as soon as you leave this rally where are you going? to do what? to early vote. i want you to take aunt and uncle and all your cousins and take them all with you. you must vote. >> that was one of the mothers of the movement and she joins us now. she is the mother of jordan davis who was shot and killed in a florida gas station over loud music. it is good to talk to you again. the last time we spoke we were at the dnc with you and other mothers of the movement captured
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the headlines. i was reading oprah, she said she remained silent for so long not knowing the words to say. her last note was you don't have to like hillary clinton. you are not having her over to dinner. i was struck by how you were saying bring your family members, get them in. pulling in people who may be on the fence, may not have that enthusiasm for hillary clinton it appears. >> it's extremely important. there are a number of people across the country that are sitting on the fence. i will tell you when i talk to people across the country all the time i am stopped in grocery stores and they say why are you voting for her. i'm sitting on the fence. i need to hear from you why are you voting for her? why are you supporting her? i have to tell them what i know personally about her, what i know personally about her as a grand mother, as a mother. i had many opportunities to sit
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and just listen to her and her heart, her heart for the nation, her heart for everyone in this country, she wants to put everyone on the -- she has the concern for the nation at heart and i think that's what we want to convey to the country that's so important that everyone understand that she truly is the most qualified and truly has the best interest at heart for everyone in the united states. >> here we are two weeks out. many people said this has been a cult of personality. who do you like and not like? some comments, allegations. very little conversation on the issue of policing in african-american and minority communities, the very issues that you wanted to talk about. also guns in this country that these issues have largely been ignored. is that how you see it? >> absolutely not. when we are on the campaign
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trail on her behalf these are the talking points that we are giving to specifically talk about her concrete plans and platform for law enforcement, for policing, for background check legislation, gun initiatives that she wants to put in place. we are bringing those issues to the nation as we campaign on her behalf. so most definitely the louder rhetoric that you hear coming from the trump campaign often times overshadows the real platform that she has that we are bringing to the nation. people only need to listen. >> we know that donald trump has been in contact with pat smith, the mother who lost her son in benghazi. he invited her to speak. has the trump campaign ever reached out to you and the other mothers to learn more about your movement? anything? >> never. i do understand that even at the dnc we had a chance to see that when we were speaking on the
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platform that they did not play anything at all. they just showed us in a caption but didn't play anything that we said so no one has ever reached out to us. we never expected that they would. >> thank you so much for your time. joining me now national political correspondent mark rucker. two people i'm obsessed with on twitter. you know they have the list of people to follow with this campaign, you are looking at two that i vote for you must follow. phil, you tweeted out a couple of articles on georgia and nevada. specifically georgia giving hillary clinton a chance in georgia. you just heard from a mother who lost her child in a shooting, gun violence and she is like this is what we have been wanting to talk about. hillary clinton is -- donald trump never wanted to meet with us or offered to meet with us.
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>> you are exactly right. it is these issues that are putting some of these red states into play for hillary clinton. georgia it is unclear but arizona very likely potentially to vote for hillary clinton. that would be a pretty dramatic move and michelle obama was there campaigning, the latino vote is energized there and the clinton campaign is spending big money. >> looking at the down ballot confidence now from hillary clinton as pointed out by kasie hunt, that is how they are measuring her confidence talking more about for example pat toomey. that is a 46%-43% race in pennsylvania. here is what hillary clinton said about pat toomey. >> pat toomey heard donald trump insult a grieving gold star family who lost their son in iraq. he heard him engage in saying
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terrible things about women. he saw him spreading the lie that president obama was not born in the united states. how much does he have to hear or to see? >> so you're looking at pennsylvania, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina and missouri. >> this captures i think perfectly the dilemma that the republican party has put itself in by embracing the nomination at least donald trump. by playing footsie with his birtherism and anti-obama hatred of the base for years now. people like pat toomey are caught between wanting to keep trump voters on his side realizing he can't win without base republican voters and
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trying to get independents and moderates. he has been particularly sort of sneaky about this in saying that he will tell people how he votes and what he thinks about donald trump after the election. it's the biggest dodge in the world. and i think hillary clinton played it just right there. it's a question that can be put to the entire republican leadership not just before this election but will continue to come up after this election. it's just that the senate candidates who are vulnerable are really getting it the most right now. >> how do you describe what is happening with kelly aot. she is at 36%. how does she play this wrong? >> first of all, people close to both campaigns think the race is closer than that. kelly ayote has had a tortured year trying to deal with donald trump. initially she was going to vote for him but wasn't endorsing him. then she had the gaff at a
8:18 am
debate a couple of weeks ago where she says she thinks absolutely he would be a good role model to young children. she had to walk that back. it is a real problem for her in new hampshire and illustrative to what a lot are dealing with. it's a problem. >> we'll see if the problem continues for a lot of candidates. follow these guys on twitter. awesome. thank you. more than 6 million people have already voted. can you believe it? by early ballot in this ixtw presidential election. we will have live reports from florida and nevada, two crucial battle ground states where early voting is underway. we have new numbers on how many people are registered and voting. and clinton leads by an average of 3.8 points in florida. she leads by 4.2 in nevada. is there any way that trump can turn it around? early voting returns already show an uptick in female, in
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more than 6 million votes have been cast by early ballot in the 2016 race. so just over one-sixth of that 1.1 million voters are in the battle ground state of florida. that is 55% of early florida voters. they have been women according
8:23 am
to politico. according to our latest numbers some republicans or more republicans than democrats cast their vote in florida so far. we are live in two states where early in person voting is underway. florida and nevada. let's look at this. let me break this down so i make sure i said it clearly. the latest numbers more republicans than democrats have cast their votes in florida so far. we don't know who they voted for. roughly 55% early florida voters have been women according to politico article posted on friday. >> reporter: that's right. as you mentioned so far more republican voters or people who identify as republican have cast early ballots by mail. that is expected to change because in-person early voting typically favors democrats. that began this morning here in miami dade county at 7:00 a.m. and many other counties.
8:24 am
take a live look right behind me you can see the line here at this polling location downtown miami is nonexistent. election supervisors say that for a number of reasons. the ballot this year compared to 2012 is much shorter. they have their staffing as well as polling locations. they hope to cut down on those long lines that we saw back in 2012. there is still a lot of interest not just in the presidential race. we can say according to real politics average hillary clinton is up four points here in florida. another major race is the race between marco rubio and his challenger patrick murphy. rubio up three points but down ballot republicans very concerned about what the so-called trump effect could be on the rest of these races especially here in florida. >> thank you. let's go across the country nevada where polling places just opened for the third day of in person early voting. the clinton campaign pushing
8:25 am
hard for the state of nevada sending president obama to vegas last night. nbc's chris jansing joins me now from administrative complex in reno, nevada. what do you see on the ground as headline so far, chris? >> so far big turnout. sunday, saturday record turnout here. record turnout. that is where las vegas is. so far it favors the democrats. take a look, a little bit slower than some other places we have seen. the doors just opened and they did have the whole weekend to come here. they have a really tight race here for the u.s. senate and gave barack obama a chance to talk about that because hillary clinton now up by about five points in the state that had been for a while too close to call. i want to bring in katherine burns, somebody who has been a hillary clinton supporter and found herself in the middle of the presidential race when you went to a mike pence rally.
8:26 am
you went. your son is 28 today. just back from the persian gulf. you haven't seen him yet. what was your point in going to that rally? what did you want to say? >> my point is to raise the question to fellow republicans that were supporting trump. i have been against trump all along. i am perplexed about the republican leaders who were still following him. you were booed. >> i felt that i mentioned the name and they immediately went into an uproar. they associated kahn with hillary clinton. that was just how they reacted to it because seconds before i was cheered because i was a military mom. >> and now you have had a little time to reflect on this and i know that you got an initial big push of publicity and probably things have fallen off a little
8:27 am
bit. do you think those moments have had an influence on the race? do you think you had an influence here in nevada? >> i feel i have done my part and i have made an impact on this election. >> and you voted? >> i have voted. >> on saturday. you said like a lot of people in part because -- >> want to get it over with. >> it is still a couple of weeks. they have early voting going on here. thank you so much for coming over from carson city tlmpt is going to be a big push here for down ballot races now that hillary clinton has grown her lead here in nevada. >> what a great interview. thank you for your time. greatly appreciate it. up next, u.s. forces are backing iraqi soldiers from the air in the fight for mosul. we will hear what is next in the biggest offensive yet against isis. we will be right back. pae to te ll? ciisor daily use is arove to treat both eree dyctn
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weweade thmovie transports you into the worldo, opaking and gdicalp right away. which our main goal as anitors d you can actulyouch the screen. u cat do tt aac. as the battle for mosul
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enters the second week thousands of iraqi led forces are making gains on the outskirts of the isis held city. the troops are waiting in advance of action. isis militants are unleashing gun fire, land mines and suicide attacks to fend them off. while the u.s.-led coalition is backing forces from the air about 500 american advisers are on the ground just miles from the front lines. matt bradley has the latest. what more can you tell us about the u.s. role so far in leading up to the push into mosul? >> reporter: thanks, tamron. as you mentioned there are a lot of u.s. advisers engaged in the battle. there are 500 of them who crossed the front lines and some 100 are embedded with the peshmerga and iraqi security forces mostly made up of arab and sunni forces. if you listen to iraqi military
8:32 am
and americans have been boasting that iraqis have taken some 70 towns and villages from islamic state. i want to pour cold water on that for a moment. a lot of these towns and vill e villages are void of civilians who have all left maybe as long as two years ago when isis first swept in from syria and took over mosul and the surrounding valley. these gains that have been made in the last week or so aren't really representative of what will be happening ahead. the u.s. forces who are embedded, one u.s. serviceman died last week. defense secretary ash carter was just in town are reassuring this is a battle worth fighting. the iraqi security forces managed to pierce defenses around a city or town just about 12 miles to the northeast of mosul. this is a little bit more representative of the kind of defenses that the iraqi security
8:33 am
forces and americans will be facing as they move closer and closer to mosul. they will be facing defenses that isis puts up in places defensive tunnel networks, suicide bombings, vehicle-borne explosive devices and improvised explosive devices which are essentially land mines. this slowed the progress of kurdish peshmerga and iraqi security forces. iraqi security forces try to form around mosul and kind of close off the area. they will be waiting for just the proper moment to pierce the defenses and move into the city. as i mentioned, these 70 villages that they have taken so far, they have no people in them. mosul has about 1.2 million civilians that isis might be using as human shields. >> thank you so much. the electorate in 2016 will be the most diverse in american
8:34 am
history. next up we look at the latino vote promising to be a big influence in some of the closest battle ground states. latinos make up 28% of the population of texas. 22% of arizona's population and 17% of nevada's. what it means for this election and our nation's future. what do you got ♪balae traner at's mme♪ ♪nk youever heard , that'shaa!name♪ thank u. uh, ne. watch me makyournterest rate... sappr.
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welcome back. pew research center said nearly one in three voters in this election will be an ethnic minority making this the most racially and ethnically diverse presidential election in u.s. history. more than 27 million latinos are able to cast ballots this november. 44% of millennials. to talk more about it political scientist and msnbc contributor. we were just talking in commercial break.
8:38 am
the fact that 44% of those voters are millennials is why it is unpredictable group of voters. >> we know that the democratic party has been mobilizing the latino community trying to connect the issues and saying you need to vote. then you have donald trump mobilizing the latino community in a different way by calling them rapists and drug dealers. there is the potential to have an outbreak of latino turnout but the political scientist in me is cautious because young people, black, white, brown, they don't tend to vote as older folks do. that is why we are holding breath and waiting to see. >> how much of an impact does social media have? this is when twitter started to get growth. here we are 2016 people defriending each other on facebook because of the presidential race. could potentially the impact of social media get more millennials in where they may not watch cable news or evening
8:39 am
news but stories are being shared at a record number in the places where they get their news? >> i believe in terms of the news, the information that they get but also the information about the logistics of how to vote. if you are an 18 or 19 year old you don't know what the process of voting is. on twitter you go to here to turn out and vote. in texas where i reside early voting starts today. i have been getting a barrage of early voting tweets. i think those things will help millennials vote. >> the hot rhetoric that we heard on the campaign trail you eluded to some of it starting out with donald trump and announced the candidacy and said the rapist mexican line. this hombre thing that took off at the debate, these things resonate. >> so it's talking to latinos, not trying to engage them on what really matters. we care about immigration and
8:40 am
care about education. we care about fair taxing for working families. so when he calls latinos bad hombres he is otherwising them and adding on a negative component. why the bad? why doesn't he say hard working latinos and folks who want to keep families together? >> a couple of weeks ago we did have a report that there were some groups particularly in nevada who were concerned there had not been enough reinvestment in the get out the vote effort. i saw you have a reaction to that. what is going on there? >> that has been a concern among latino activists that maybe the clinton campaign is relying too much on the trump mobilization, on mobilization from anger. latinos have a pretty bad track record. in 2012 less than 50% turned out. there needs to be a very substantial push. we have been seeing that in the
8:41 am
las last couple of days. >> right now the national numbers show latino voters 70% compared to donald trump's 17%. those are the new national figures out. thank you so much. great pleasure having you on. a lot of information to digest with two weeks to go. up next, how hackers can take control of personal devices in your home including things like your routers, cameras, baby monitors. it was all exposed by a mass attack over the weekend. we'll have a live report on what happened friday and the tremors that are being felt today. yone with pe 2 2iabetes knows w it feels to see your mbers go up, despite ur best efforts. but at if u could turn thin? at if you d love your numbers? discover once-daily invo it's the #1 prescribed sgltinhibitor that works to lower c. invokana® ia pillescused alot sgltinhibitor and erci to siifictly lower blood gar
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more questions than answers this morning after a major hack crippled several of the world's most popular websites, twitter, spotify, amazon, netflix. after the frus rater hours long outages we are told it is
8:45 am
resolved. how did they manage to pull off such a massive operation. let's get the latest details. thank you for joining us. i really think this is an under reported story here because there are so many questions. there are more questions than answers mp answers. it takes advantage of connected devices at home. it is the internet of things. it is able to help them work in concert so we are looking at a broader issue to effect consumers. we went to the company that was hacked. we got exclusive access and found out how to protect yourself. >> cyber attacks are closer to home than ever. a new attack that slowed the internet to a crawl. how they did it has security experts concerns. >> goes into folks' homes and takes over internet of thing disease vices and literally turns them into attack vectors.
8:46 am
>> reporter: the attack used new malwear used to disable or infect computer systems and took control of tens of millions of personal devices connected to the internet like home routers, baby monitors and cameras without their owners' knowledge. the result customers were unable to access popular sites and apps like spotify, twitter, air bnb, etsy and many others. >> you have security cameras, lights that you control, music systems. >> reporter: the home is filled with devices connected to the so-called internet of things. these devices are permanent fixtures controlling internet connection, thermostat and garage door. >> it is a contradiction because you are doing something to keep yourself safe and you are opening yourself up to who knows what. it is disconcerning and frightening especially with kids. >> it is absolutely
8:47 am
unprecedented. >> reporter: the attack was aimed at dyn. so what was it like when the attack came down? >> it was wild. it was the whole entire company stopping everything they were doing. >> reporter: attacks on smart home devices are expected. there are an estimated 6.4 billion connected devices in use. by 2020 that number is expected to more than triple to 20.8 billion. as companies like dyn work to fend off future cyber attacks they advise consumers to think carefully. >> think of a domain name or website as the same as a storefront of a brick and mortar store. think about all the things that go into that store, the electricity, plumbing and flooring. if you think about it behind every website on the internet it's the same thing. >> the good news out of this is that nothing was stolen that we know of. the devices were just co-opted and used in this cyber attack.
8:48 am
if you are looking to protect yourself you need to look at devices that are connected that you may not think have a password and change those passwords. think about getting a home internet hub that connects devices. >> it is fascinating. we don't know what the people want and what was their motivation. obviously disrupted things but what else after that? thank you so much. police say speed appears to be a factor in a deadly bus crash in california. that tops our look at stories around the news nation. the tour bus was returning home from a casino when it slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer killing 13 people. another 31 injured. the driver was among those killed. in business news, mega deal could change how you watch tv. at&t proposing to purchase time warner for $85 billion giving them access to cable networks like hbo and tbs as well as
8:49 am
warner brothers film and tv studios. the deal must receive approval. 71 years in the making the chicago cubs advancing to the world series after defeating the l.a. dodgers in game six of the national league championship series. this will be the cubs' first appearance in the world series since 1945. the cubs have not won a series since 1908. they will face cleveland who last won series 68 years ago. game win takes place tuesday in cleveland. because the tickets are around $7,000 we will all be watching it on tv. when the world series is over the election will still be going on. long, long ago when it began the odds seemed to be are the republicans since white house rarely stays with one party into a third straight term. right now the national polls show clinton ahead by double digits. we will have the five reasons republicans ended up in the predicament they are in right now. there are about two more weeks
8:50 am
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8:53 am
we are back with our daily briefing on politics. joining me now msnbc senior political editor mark murray. thanks for joining us. >> hey, tamron. >> a little more than two weeks. the only thing that's distracted people from the election was "the walking dead" last night. >> i'm still watching it tonight. i could not watch. my wife was out of town. >> line up the booze, you will need it. meanwhile, people have lined up watching the debate since the poll numbers but there are autopsies already. even if donald trump wins that the republican party faces. >> of course it is torrent to note we have two weeks to go. anything can happen in american politics. i have seen it before. donald trump and the gop are looking to be in a tough and precarious situation. there is a story about the five ways how republicans ended up
8:54 am
with donald trump. i think one explanation is the issue of immigration played such a crucial role. the candidate most to the right on immigration ends up winning the republican primary. that was the case with donald trump. another thing that happened is republicans discarded the advice they needed to broaden and expand the party and win over minority voters. republican voters wanted to play the base candidate who was donald trump. a third reason is the echo chamber. so many doubts that existed about donald trump, polling a year ago showed him trailing hillary clinton by double digits. conservative voters didn't really pay attention to those voices. fourth you had republican elites not listened to. mitt romney and others sounded the alarm. that ended up making donald trump in some ways only stronger. fifth and finally, republican elites stayed on the sidelines. people like house speaker paul ryan, senate majority leader
8:55 am
mitch mcconnell. look at those reasons and maybe more and you see how republicans end up with trump. >> you still have trump supporters looking at the video from this weekend. still sizable crowds. it appears from the numbers, the enthusiasm gap closed. seeing a slump in that. nevertheless, those people right there who helped donald trump become the nominee and they are still behind him. >> you could end up having a devoted base of people. one of the secrets to trump's success was really looking at about 35% of the electorate really targeting a message that spoke to them. that allowed you to win a republican primary. the problem was the other 65% of voters whom still find donald trump incredibly toxic. to me that's the reality of the election season. >> and if he loses what happens with those people? do they turn on paul ryan saying he didn't support him enough? what happens? >> that would be one of the big
8:56 am
political stories. >> tweet me after you watch "the walking dead" tonight. >> i will. >> a live look at the crowd there ready to greet hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren. coming up next live we are in manchester, new hampshire. after a break. prd of youso ! a manufacturer. ll tt's why i dug this outor you. it your grandpappy's hr and would he wanted you t have it. itnt a lot to him. yes, ge kespowerful ma. but i'll be writing the de srenfi'll be channghe th wiway the woworks.nes (ierruing) you can't pick it up, ca go srenfi'll be channghe th wiway the woworks.nes (ierruing) heift haer.pick it up, ca
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8:59 am
thank you for starting your monday with us. we appreciate it. we'll be back here tomorrow, tuesday. now msnbc's andrea mitchell reports. she's live in new hampshire. andrea? tamron, thank you. on a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from the campus campus in manchester, new
9:00 am
hampshire. bolstered by a double digit lead in a new poll, hillary clinton in battleground states brushing off donald trump's suggestion of a media conspiracy to rig the election. >> i debated him for four and a half hours. i don't even think about responding to it anymore. i will let the american people decide. >> gettysburg address? near the hallowed gettysburg battlefield, donald trump threatening to sue his women accusers if elected. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. [ applause ] the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. [ cheers ]


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